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Volkswagen 3, Joe Appleby 3, Lata Patel 3, Patel 2, Ravens 2, Joey Fatone 2, Maryland 2, The Baa 1, Kiikland 1, Md State Trooperr 1, Ann 1, Princesssleia Hadnnt 1, Hristmas 1, United Healthcare 1, Reacc 1, An Unffmiliar 1, Fremantle 1, Frrday Mornnng 1, Rockville 1, Ballimore City 1,
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  FOX    FOX 45 News at 530    News  News/Business. New. (CC)  

    November 13, 2012
    5:30 - 6:00pm EST  

perry hall high and saay there from stuuentssanddthe community. 3- 3 3 3 33 3 3 3 &p3
3 3 3 3 police... are... now... offering a reward... in the shooting... of a manager a columbia ...taco bell. it happened ... juut after midnight sunday... at... the taco pin-strel way... ann... near..- snooden river parkway..../// the... manager ...confronted two masked men... outside the tore.../ was shot in the chest...///. - he... was flown to shock trauma.../ where... he's been in... and... has... not been awake... since motive is still unclear...../ deeectives... are... offering... up to... 2- thousand dollars for rockville police arrest a college student... accused f threatening to open fire on a montgomery college campus. wiinesses called policc after say he quote "felt like ssooting people just for fun."
and took him intoocustody less thannan hour later. investigattrs believe he as ppset over a recent brrak-up. kiikland ssyss "i was kind of if he was still here cause he looking around."ryoo says: "i had second thoughts about should i get off campus or not." a weapon oo him when police made the arrest. school officials did not lock down &pttey say the nature of the threat didd't warrant such action. baltimorr city police undeer investtgation again...another city officer suspenned today pue to a pending criminnl investigatioo. investigation by the harford county sheriff's office.tte sherifffs spokesman declined third city police officer suspended in the past week due to an ongoing crimmnal probe. an armed obber in rising sun points his gun att he wrong
pustomer last week. week.firrt on fox-- fox--paul geesler... talks too state trooper√°√°.... sprungg...into action to stop a robbery. joe appleby may be retired, but he's no old maa.the forrer swat team member just retiiedd in july.frrday mornnng, a few blocks from his cecil county house, aal that training came rushing ack. back. (nats traffic)kathleen barger, customer:"it's a mainntay. yyu need..""or a decade now, it s. - cctizens.customer (naae not given): "i'm close with them. chrome dairy and ddli has 144 surveillance ccmeras.friday morning, an unffmiliar face-- one covered up-- walked in the convenience store.the susppct patel.lata patel, store clerk: all."kkthleen barger, that's - pustomer:"ittwas a shock. i cried. and, i hate to think
wwat could have happened."lata filled the suspeccs bag with "i saw the guu, i thought,, 'i'm gone.' so, i didn'ttthhnk anything else. i just gave him pinute passed, before store regular joe appleby walked in phe same door.the ssssect pointed the gun at im.the former maryland state trooper and swat team member... was now a hostage.jje appleby, ret. md state trooperr"if he would have taken the money and thing, but the minute he wanted to come back here, thaa wasn't the noomal type of robbery."patel, appleby and the back of the store.joe to recalleddwhen hh wassa teenaged stock boy-- and a victim of a similiar robbery. jje appleby, ret. md state trooper:"i just remeebee saying, 'never gain. never &pagain.' "the three reaahed th back office, when joe made his movv.joe appleby, ret. md ptate trooper:"the minute hen he looked away, when he did, the baa guy ttok off.joe trooper:"by theetime i even got the first set of verbal commands out, he took off this way, and now i'm chasing im.. thrrugh the deli... and out store clerk:"oh, he saved my life. he is a god."reporter: "all thhs happened in a matter of..." joe: "seconds.""aul gessler, reporter:"joe hased the suspecttdown main street herr, he says, at a safe
from behind uncle willy's pub, a silver expeditton pulled out and sped off theeother dirrction."police areestiil looking for the suspect.lata patel, tore clerk:"no,he's not very taal...."patel and her co-workers are happy thee are safe, but want justice. lata patel, sttrr clerk:"they phould haveeto kkll him, so he's not gonnaahave to bother anyone."chhome dairy and deli is baak to serving cuutomers... kattleennbarger, customer:"it shocks you that somethhng in this small ttwn can appee like this." rising sun is a small town.the police chief told me today he only has four offiiers on the fooce.anyonn ith iiformaaion on this suspect can call ttem... or the cecil county sheriff's office-- which is leading this investigation. paul gessler, fox45 nees at 3&a... former ...bowie state uuiversity student ... accused of stabbing ...her roommate death ... will stand triil today. are scheduled &palexis simpson...//.she's... facing charges carrying a ddadlyyweapon....// prosecutors... say... ssmmson killed....
2011... / affer... they got... into an argument... ovvr oud music. works... crews... pipe... that sent water.... ddwntown streets...///. streets...///.tte... large pipe... ruptured ...just as ...monday morning were... getting... to work...//// it... caused....heavy flooding... oo... east madison street... nearr.. guilfordd , crews... located... and... removed the new... 30-inch mainn.. has been installed.../ and... should be ii pater this evening. 3p people in... daly city, california../. having their wn problems... with this... water main break.../.the... massive amoont of water ...caused a mudslide ...that water... also caused... a... huge sinkhole ....o... open up....//auuhhrities... were unsure of the source of the water.../ think... t... cameefrom... a... wwter storage facclity... at the top of a hill...///. several blocks... were flooded.../ pnd... eight homes were evacuated. the citt's ethhcs board says it's can't keep tracc of who has...and hasn't submitted formm designed to ddscloss onlficts of innerest.closs
run afoul of the ethics code h 3 says it can't keep track of all the forms which are now filed on paper.tte boaad admitted the llpse to the city's chief technology offiier duringgitts monthly meeting today. 22:33:42qq how do you keep track of people whoodo not file?"a: that's a work in rogr" ttchnology today say they coull fix the problem by alllwing employees toofile if you work ffll-time...and receivehealth beneffts and paid sick leave...consider yourself lucky.thousands of ppid sick receive no - thht's sayy..//- prompting... several... local groups... to... take action...john... the head...of the job... oppprtunities...task forcc... says... there are morethan 800-thousand wwrkers....whodo "not" get paid... if they call in sick. and that'sswhy advocates...areurging the take actiin. they say most...of these workers...are art-time...but some...actually wwrk...
pull-time.some, small businesses...say... they...should "not" be "forced"....o givetheir workers...paidd.. sick leave. workers...who "don't" get (perkins-cohen) "when thhy they sometimes ot demerits or were let go, when they had to pake a choice betweee their a horrrble choiie to put anyone in, sometimes they had to choose their famiiy or they did choose their faaily and again, it had job rrmifications." ttmorroo.... the working mattees...coalition... plans to hold a "forum" downtown bbltimore... to"p "improve"...morale of john 45...newwsat 5:30. the... inner harbor ....ould... soon be home a statue of ballimore city's.../ first... african-american mayor. prooit.... non--3 ponnring the late ...clarence "du" burns asking the cityyfor peemission... to lace ann.. 8-foot-tall to statue... on the... innne harbor's west phore...../ just... 80 feet... from a statue... of his predecessor... williimmdonald schaeffr...///.a... maryland
...tte bronze statuee..//.if tt coomission.../, it could e in place within the next ear. how are the rooas looking tonig? tonight?bbandi proctor has our traffic edde report. report. mapliberty40shawanmap395mmp
playing the natiinal anthem before games... is an american spprts rituall the... practical reasons... some... high school officials say... 3t should be banned. amazing video of a car crashhng into several other carss.. but it's what the 3&a marriage broken up over . politics...the act tat landed a man'' wife in jail... and 3 --adblib wwather tz-- &p3 hey, look! a shooting star!
make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
on any new volkswagen. abouu...only minntes ago... thh lawyer or tte man who accused kevin clash...the vvice of sesame street's elmo... of havinngsex with him whennhe was a teen... has recanted his story. &pstorr.theeformer acccser now says he had an adull coosennual relationship wiih claah ho is native of baltimkore countyyc lash has the accusatiin ecame public. pays he's relieved aaddwon't police say... a... ggannmother ...and uncce... innohio... may... have killed... three ver aacustody fighh... wwth... p the childden's parents. 3 firefighhees... toledo... monday afternoon..../they ...
found theebodies... of... sandy and andy ford..... / along with ...three chillren.../ all dead... frrm... carbon monoxxde poisoning...//. a... truck was running, ...with hoses ...leading from the it's hard for me, i am a former school teacher, so i have a special place in my heart for iis, so it's hhrdd whennpeople can'' cope and they have to taae their kids. &pi think that's very hard. 3 pollce say... sandy ford... was the grandmother..../ p andy... was the uncle. .../ the victims... ll lived together ... / but... te parents... were in the process of getting ffll cussody. .../ an arizona woman reportedly obama's re-election is accused of taking her anger out on her husbbnd... by running himmover! over!caller: "he got out of the ar aad she wassscreaming aaay and she tarted driving g wouldn'' let him go. so d she - finally, he took off to ry
and get away and she ran into h" him."officers say the woman got mad at her husband... when she found out he didn't vote. president or rrblems her family was goiig through... and was upset after learning heewon. "i just think it's completely silll that a marriage can get political. families should be g the woman is charged with asssult with a deadly eapon. her husbann is in the hospital with seriius internal injuriis. a massachusetts wwman is a violenttcraah -- that was caught on tape. tape.poolce say kristen howard prove through a supermmrket &pparking lot...over a sidewalkk.. and into traffic- hittiig another car. thee force of that crash ppshing the other car into a truck hauling a trailer. one perssn had to be takennto the hospital. howard is accused of ddiving uuder the influence of drugs and
alcohool..among other charges. 3 a touching family rruuion wherr darth vaddr hows lukk skywalker... that he really is his fatter. aan a yyuth hockey leaguu bans the naaional anthem before games...the reason they say theii decision has nothinn to 3o with paariotism. --adblib weather tz--
high school hockey teaas in pennsylvania are beinn tood to anthee at games... in order tt money.that's... time../ . so... every game carefully ttmed... to... get in... as mmch possible... in the shortest amount of time..../// the ... -&pto the
teams.../ informing them of the ccange.....he sayss.. thee ban... on the naaional anthem purell... because of time constraints.../ not because of aay political or anti-patriottc reasons. :23 ""he nationallanthem because oo the time that we're not patriotti, ot - that's the ffrthest from the truuh." &p many residents disagree... nationnl anthhm is ot the 3&1:16 "i go back to the 1960s with igg chool hockky, and we've always played the national nthem. so, i think that itts somethhng that should be done. it's part of our history and our country of the game." shoulddbe part - the commissioner says that because of he backlash they've been ggtting... pay to make adjustments.s a -
-- reacc to ssory -- 3
we're sayinn thank you to our viewers with some cash? we're talking about the ffx 45 thanksgiveaway??e're paying to enter... go to our facebook &ppage... like us... and click on contests. contests.then... .... we''llgive away a 110- dollaa gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hoor... of the show....starting at 5 a-m. 3 bii ben could be oo the sideline whenntte ravens meet has full details next in nggam
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roethlisburger have a long histooy...he may be the single biggest baltimore tormentor off this generation..and it looks as if he wonnt be playyng this sunnaa night.. night.. rothelisburger suffered a &pshoulddr injury on this sack laat nightagainst kansas city, hospital, and has been the - diagnosed with a sterno-clavic- &pularspraii, and is in a llt o mike tomlin caals him questionable for sunday.. byyrn llftwich will replace ravens faced steeler backups - in 2007 and 11 and on both times..vegaa says steelers minus tthee...we'lllsee... meanwhile...regardless of who hee'll face at dialed in for this one sunday...aarenewwl of the afc's best rival;ry...and maybe the best in the entire
in the schedule, thii is the first eeting between the tto thii season..and to top it natiinwide sundaa game of the's a very big deal...and the ravens say they're ready.... "we're excitied. we knnowit's gonna be a tough physically fought it's a known act. we going to be a toogh phyiscal game and it's a game that's calendar and we're definately readd for it." buck showalter is a finnlist forrthe mmnaaer of the year award..find out if he got it tonight at 10:500and 11:30 on sports unlimitee. --toss o vytas-- vytaa-- 3 3 p3
pt''... the movie.../ didn'tt have....//a ... tenddr reunion... between luue skywalker... and... darth vaddr. but it was just posted online. little aidenndiinnt know that darth vader... is really his fatherr.. u-s navv sailor justti whyte. booh aiden and his sister emily....whoowas dressed as princesssleia hadnnt seen whyte in three months.according to "militaryy times""whyte s currently on deployyent in the middle east.
for hristmas. phat's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and we'll be bbck tonight the late edittoo att11... pater. eyou later.
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show. come on, let's go, b. come on. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] how you folks doing? thank y'all very much. thank you very ,